You can and should be able to now start a conversation cloaked.
to do this you would need to do the following:
  1. Create a cloak.
  2. Now click contact this cloak
  3. You will need to tap, call, text or email. (depends what the cloak has)
  4. Now input the phone number or email of the person and tap the arrow
  5. If you picked call it will show you a number and if you tap it you will call that number (which the other person is bound to)
  6. If you picked message it will open your sms client, and you can now text them from your phone.
  7. If you choose to email them it will open your email client and you can now email them.
This will enable forwarding to your phone/email so if you don't want it to do this once you have sent the message you will need to go back into the app and you will have to disable this. From this point you can keep it in app if you don't want the forwarding.(Well other than calls, you can't receive or make those from the app, you will however be notified you missed a call)
If you are making a call or sms, you will need to be using your recovery phone number (IE: a phone that has the same phone number as the recovery phone number)
If you are making an email, you will need to be using your recovery email. (IE: The inbox that is the email you use for recovery)