Our vision for cloaked includes constant and easy access to all of our tools. To facilitate this, we’ve developed following cloaked products to be with you wherever you are on whatever device you’re using. These include:

  • Dashboard webapp - this is your home base. You can manually create cloaks, review all your cloaks, and check your settings from any web browser
  • Browser extension - allows you to create cloaks within your daily workflow online. Currently only available for Chrome
  • Mobile app (iOS and Android) - especially handy IRL when meeting someone new or when a cashier asks for a phone number to get a discount ?


Browser extension

The browser extension is the most seamless way to use cloaked. After installation, cloaked is with you online and ready to cloak whenever you need it.

  1. Click the cloaked pin next to the browser address bar to make sure you're logged in
  2. Log into your cloaked account
  3. When you prompted for personal information throughout your day, just click into the box (e.g., email address) and cloaked will appear
  4. Click "Try it out" and a cloak is auto-created for you!
  5. In the example ?, you would then click "Create account" to pass the cloaked email onto the company (i.e., Walmart)
  6. All emails from the company will be visible in your cloaked inbox, which you can access via the dashboard webapp or mobile app
  7. Some companies send a verification or confirmation email to ensure that you're not a bot (you're not a bot right? ?) so make sure to check your cloaked inbox. The extension will also notify you and provide a "Verify" button, or appear with the verification code for you to authenticate your account.
  8. And there you have it, you have auto-created a cloak using the plugin.
  9. Your login is automatically saved in your cloaked account, so the next time that you need to login to your account, cloaked will prompt you with the login details you need.
  10. Note the extension is also built to capture your existing login information for "non-cloaked" accounts while you're online.