IOS app

Cloaked protects your personal information. So it's natural that you are more vulnerable to sharing your personal information during your personal time - whether shopping, going to restaurants, or networking.

This is where the cloaked mobile app shines.

  1. Open the cloaked app on your mobile phone.
  2. From the Home screen, you can start a cloak, generate a quick email and generate a quick phone number.
  3. Clicking "start a cloak" will prompt you to enter whether you are using the cloak for a person, business or online account. Supply with the needed details, and swipe up to create a cloak.
  4. And your cloak is instantly created. You can now use these credentials for your online account, a person, or a business. You can also adjust your preferences to either mute this cloak or set it to be forwarded to your personal email.
  5. For instances that you need to generate an email on the fly, click on “I need a quick email”, and cloaked will provide you with an email that you can share.
  6. The same goes if you need a phone number quickly. Simply click on “I need a quick phone number” and cloaked instantly gives you a phone number you can share.
  7. Simply click on the arrow back to return to the main screen.